Thursday, December 1, 2022

Changes in Language


As an Educator I am expected to use certain verbiage to explain, teach, and quantify my class and the material that I present to my students.  This language has been undergoing a constant change since I've been teaching, and I'm sure way before I thought about the profession.  

Language changes with the generations.  Each group of young people that come to the table collectively has it's own take on talk.  The closer a generation is to the one or ones before it determines the understanding levels of the generation before it, and so forth.  Generation gaps are more noticeable between the generations of young people and their parents, grandparents, and the older generations before them.  The closer a generation is to the level of the young people making a language change the better the understanding.  

There are many reasons for changing language other than a natural change in which the youth use their words.  For instance language changes can happen professionally if there is a majority of youth moving the language in a certain direction depending on factors that have to do with emotional, sexual, and mental health awareness, to name but a few.  

When I first started teaching we used to give Tests, and Quizzes.  We no longer give tests or quizzes, we now give Assessments of different levels of importance.  Major assessments are given when we want to, "test" the retention levels of our students material, and minor assessments are given when we want to give the a quick check or, "quiz".  

I'm not generally a warm and fuzzy type of individual.  I'm not really a hugger, I don't like people questioning my personal stuff, and if you stand to close and invade my personal space you'll notice a certain type of tension in the air and possibly hear and almost inaudible growl.  This is true of most males of my generation.  This is the way we were made and raised.  We are the predators of our people.  So, when someone suggests that I or we use different language because we are hurting the sensibilities of another generation, that gets my dander up.   Dander is one of those words we old guys use for irks.  

The word Assessment rather than Test or Quiz came about because one of the younger generations made claims to test anxiety and stress due to the pressures of the word TEST.  Eeeek.  Ok, I get it, so I tolerate such things and move on training myself to use the, "New" verbiage.  

The older I get the more concessions I find myself making due to the change in language at the hands of wet behind the ears kids.  Ok, I'm grouchy, but come on how can a writer write when the words he is writing are no longer meaning what they mean?  Stop the presses.  Time to find a cabin in the woods.  

Peace and Balance,


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