Friday, December 23, 2022

The Big Wind


When the North Wind blows there are few things that are spookier.  I expect snow living in the mountains, I expect rain, I even expect the occasional lack of both, but what I don't really expect is the kind of wind that I used to experience on the Northern Plains.  My memories are vague, but I can remember days when the Jet Stream came low close to the ground and would blow 60 MPH or faster.  That kind of wind can tear up crops, and lay down barns.  

Here in the valley between Mt. Forest, Jasper, and the Southern ridge of the Mahoosuks, one doesn't expect the kind of wind that makes the house squeak, and the trees grumble.  Generally we think protection from the mountains keeps the Big Wind away, but the North Wind finds ways of sliding down the valley to us little creatures below.  

It's not the snow, or the rain, it's not even the ice, I have a little four wheel drive pony that keeps me traveling from one place to the other.  It's the wind that gets my nerves twitching.  We have tall trees.  Tall trees and Big Wind usually make power outages plentiful, and home repair a must.  In my yard I have a couple large trees, both over 100 feet tall, both make me edgy when the wind blows hard.  If I talk to them, and I do, I get the feeling that all's well.  So the trees know better than I.  

The Big Wind will be gone soon, the rain will stop, the temperature will drop and things will freeze, and in two days it's Christmas.  So, to you the readers of Now and Zen, Merry Christmas and have faith that Santa will travel safely through the Weather.

Peace and Balance,



  1. Well, the power blimped just now and the cable Internet went down. Using the hotspot backup. Ho Ho Ho.

    1. We didn't have any power problems. Same grid as the Hospital. Just a little extra water in the basement.