Sunday, January 1, 2023

I AM, Who Are You?


 Eventually I require my students, when they gain a certain amount of martial expertise, to write a short paper telling me what they have learned after years of martial and philosophical study.  Each is unique and insightful, and gives me an understanding of the personality of the individual writing the paper. This is when the students become the instructors.  The following is the last paragraph of one of my personal philosophies of Martial Thought, I have written a few.                                                           

                                         What we make of ourselves.

A Philosophy of Martial Thought: A Holistic Approach to Physical Health, Mental Health, and Self defense in which we learn a path that leads us ultimately to the metaphysical looking glass where we see ourselves with all our wonderful flaws, and strengths, giving us the tools to change our own images to fit the one we see in our minds eye. When we can look at ourselves and say with ultimate authority, “I Am.”
Peace and Balance,