Friday, January 20, 2023

Cross Train

 Cross training is doing a different task than the once your body is programed to perform on a daily basis.  Cross training comes in many forms.  Runners for instance might decide to go cross country skiing for a few miles, weight trainers might decide to go for a run just for the cardio connection, wrestlers believe it or not often play basket ball, it's weird.  However, basket ball players don't usually crawl onto a wrestling mat and roll.  Possibly to physical.  

Most of the time athletes make conscious decisions about when and how they might enjoy some cross training.  It is a way to sharpen latent skills and keep the whole body in the game because you're now engaging different muscle groups making the athletic experience much more holistic. 

Occasionally the Universal Forces intervein and cross training is thrust upon you without a moments notice. When this happens you have no choice in the manner in which the training presents itself.  It just happens, and usually in response to an outside stimulus that you have absolutely no control over.  For example you  might be on a cruise ship doing a few laps around the deck when a big wind grabs you and deposits you in the drink.  Now, you're faced with the possibility of drowning in the ocean, being eaten by sharks, or being left behind by the cruise ship.  In this instance the universe has sent you the gift of an exercise in cross training.  You either swim or sink, out swim a shark or two, ya never know.  

I slept pretty well last night.  All things were in balance and I felt rested when waking at 3:30 AM.  That's until I looked out the window in the direction of my vehicle.  Mother Nature had deposited a fair amount of snow upon it and the driveway.  The Universal Forces had given me the gift of cross training with a snow shovel.  It is good exercise after all and works out the entire body.  What a wonderful benefit.

I have a rather large driveway.  Depending on the amount of snow determines the intensity of my Cross Training.  This morning I would say, "Moderate".

What will be thrown in my direction next?

Peace and Balance,



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