Saturday, January 7, 2023

Speaker of the Shack

At the turn of the hour late last evening congress finely made a decision on who they want to be the Speaker of the House.   Kevin MacCarthy is now the elected 55th Speaker of the House Of Representatives.  MacCarthy was a strong supporter of the Fallen One, Donald Trump.  I don't mean to Diafy The Donald, rather to make a comparison to he and another fallen foe of human kind, Lucifer.  I know, I know that may be way out there, but hey it sounded good.  

MacCarthy may have changed his ways?  I'm not convinced, but we'll see what comes from this election.  Others are already talking about passing laws that would give Congress more power to unseat the Speaker if need be, so maybe he hasn't gotten the following he'd hoped.  The process that it took to get him elected, 15 failed and 1 passed set of votes, hasn't happened in generations.  I'm not sure this bodes well for our process of government.

What I witnessed via a combination of ABC and CNN news looked very much like a debating British Parliament, or even a Japanese voting process.  Either one of these governments tend to get very boisterous within the confines of their closed chambers.  What was shown on TV was, I'm sure, only a small picture of the reality.  

So, here's a picture for you, In the Office of the President is Joe Biden our dually elected Chief Democrat, and in the House we have a supporter of the foe, he who is responsible for the potential coup of January 6th, Kevin McCarthy a Republican.  The House and Senate are both controlled by the Democrats and a Republican Speaker is now in office.  Playing the Devils Advocate this might not be an entirely bad thing.  After all our government is based on checks and balances, is it not?  

So, my advice to you the reader, Keep a bug out bag handy, gas up a vehicle for ready escape, keep your powder dry, and sharpen all important blades, learn to travel light and keep a supply of light rations always available.  You never know when the zombies will walk.

Peace and Balance,