Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Speak your Mind

 I spend a goodly portion of my day communicating with people.  I either speak, or write, or nod a head, what have you.  People have many ways of getting information across to each other.  We even have developed rather intelligent rational ways of communicating to the flora and fauna.  We communicate to our plants in subtle ways, via a kind voice, playing music, or how our moods imprint upon the plant.  We communicate with our pets in much the same ways we communicate with each other.  Most of the time there are greater misunderstandings between us than there is with our pets.  Our pets take everything at face value.  We tend to obscure our conversations with each other. When we learn how to communicate with each other directly and conscientiously we are on our way to a more rational, saner speak that both parties understand and potentially grow from.   

This past year, 2022, I have noticed an uptrend in conversations, both verbal and nonverbal, that are leading me to believe that people are loosing the ability to be truthful with one another.  There is allot of misleading and misrepresented talking happening everywhere.  In short a whole lot of BS going on.  

I guess I must be a little old fashioned.  I have been living under the assumption that we are supposed to tell each other truthful things instead of lies.  However, the more I listen, and the more I read, the more disingenuous I'm finding the conversations I'm either participating in or observing.  This is not a good sign.  

When the majority of the people accept the lie as the fact, then those who are speaking the truth are no longer going to be accepted as rational.  This will flip the meanings of things up on it's end, nothing worth discussing will hold any true meaning, and as Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel refrained, We will be deafened by the Sounds of Silence.  

So, if we want to be a society of antitheoretical speakers keep up the good work, the path is clear.  If we want to be a society of truth seekers, there may be some long term rehab in the works.   I am hopeful. 

Peace and Balance,


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