Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Vasovagal Syncope

 Yesterday I had an appointment with the Lab Tech to have blood drawn so my Thyroid levels could be checked.  All I had to drink all day was coffee, the holy drink, and I hadn't had anything to eat of any value all day.  Anywho, I reported to the clinic down the road from home to have the professional junior vampire take a sample of my bodily fluids. 

This did not turn out at well as I would have hoped.  The young lady poke a 3 inch needle into my arm and got, nadda, then began moving it around and digging in more.  I tell you what, that hurt lots.  I gripped my hand then held tight on the arm rest, she didn't stop.  The pain got worse.  

I remember telling her that I was getting woozy.  She pulled the needle out and checked my brow.  At that point I was sweating and not feeling well at all.  The other lady across the room hit the magic bell and I was surrounded my nursing staff.  All giving me things like juice, crackers, water, and a cold pack.  I had suffered a Vagal Response.  Vasovagal syncope is the bodies response to immediate stress.  For instance having a sharp pointy object digging around in your arm hurting like hell.  My blood pressure dropped, I broke out into a cold sweat, and I got very nauseous.  The nurses thought I might be having a heart attack, nope just a wimp.  Wasn't so bad, I got lots of attention from a room full of ladies.  

So from now on when I get blood drawn I get to lay back and relax just in case I do the pass out thing.  Seems that once you go, your body is prone to such things.  I was asked if that has ever happened before.  Yes it has, when I had eye surgery the tech almost killed me the same way.  Then there was that annoying being shot in the service, but who want's to remember that stuff?  

Peace and Balance,


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  1. Still feeling the effects. Have to go back Friday for another go at it.