Thursday, January 26, 2023

Johan, Joakim, And The Creator

 Many, many moons ago there were two brothers, Johan and Joakim.  Johan was the eldest by several million years, but since they were immortal beings you would have never guessed.  Each sat beside their father the Creator, one on the right hand and one on the left hand.  The positions did not matter back then as there was no difference between the right and left, man did not exist yet.  

From the right side of the Creator to the left side of the Creator and back again the brothers learned the power of the Sing.  Johan's voice was low and melodious. He reverberated all things when he sang, his harmonies spread to creation and vibrated into existence dark things, planets, and bodies of all astral creatures.  Life was stirring in the stone.

From the left side sang Joakim, his voice pitched much higher and had the sound of birds singing on the wind.  He would vibrate the gas itself and the Sun's were created. Light spread upon the Darkness and Merged with it.  For the dark things was given the light things to see.  The stars took on life of their very own.  

The Creator, who has no name, was pleased.  Joy began mixing with the darkness and the light forever binding them together one with the other.  The Creator added his own voice to those of his sons, Johan and Joakim, and a great swirling was created.  From this whirl was born Order.  

The Creator placed each of his sons on one side of Order and gave them one final task, as he knew all things. This task was to walk the perimeter of Order and sing into the Hearth of the abyss there.  The brother's Johan and Joakim began their trek each singing into the void.  From the center of the abyss a new world was created as the great Hearth began pulsating and breathing as the Song grew within it's center.  From the Hearth the world for the Creator was created, Earth was her name.  She would be the home of the Great Creator for all time, his consort. 

As things go, time progressed and the brothers continued to walk and sing.  Then early one morning the brother's came upon each other each facing the other traveling opposite directions on the same path.  Johan the eldest spoke first.  His long grey hair and beard reaching to the ground from under a tall pointed hat, his eyes pierced Joakim like fire and he said, "Give way brother, I am the eldest and you must show me the path."

Joakim looked deep into his brothers eye, his presence was stoic, his black hair and beard reaching the ground, atop his head was a black pointed hat.  His black cloak flowed in a breeze that was beginning to rise under the conversation of the brothers.  His reply was simple and curt, "No" was all he said.   

Johan began his sing and the terrible vibrations reverberated like great wave from his center to all things.  Joakim replied with his own song.  It could be heard above that of Johan's song and the winds began vibrating in rhythm to the song's mixing.  The two sang for time that can not be counted.  

From where Johan was standing his feet became the depths of a great mountain that grew and grew the longer he sang.  He was transforming into that of the mother the Earth.  Joakim's song vibrated along the ground and his legs and trunk became the trunk of a great tree and vibrated all trees and plants upon the mountain.  

Time became time and the Brother's Johan and Joakim melded into one who's song was greater than either was alone.  They had become the life that populated the Mother, the Consort Earth.  There was a Great Laughter that came from the Center of all things, the Joy of the Creator could be heard and felt within all things.  He was pleased with his sons, as he knew that neither could give way to the other.  He knew that they would bring Order to Chaos.  The Great Creator's laughter and joy brought the breath of life from the songs of his sons Johan, and Joakim.  His sons became the son's of the Earth and she was pleased.  Johan and Joakim had become the song of joy, and life, and they understood and where also pleased.  

There Father the Great Creator was Wu the Lord of Chaos, Order, and Creation... OM

Peace and Balance,


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