Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Eversource: WTF

 Let's talk about Eversource.  Last month my power bill was what I would consider way out there at over 500.00 dollars.  I thought that was astronomical a month ago, until I received this months power bill.  The words, Oh My God!, and other non-speakable lingo.  My present Bill is 663 dollars and some change.  Holy shnikies.  How can a utility charge such prices to the average customer.  If you Google the rate for Eversource NH. you will find that starting in February they will be charging about 20 cents per kilowatt hour.  I looked at my bill, I am presently being charged 23 cents, give or take, per kilowatt hour.  So why 663 dollars?

They claim I've used over 2000 kilowatt hours of juice.  There are only 2 people living in my house.  Granted I like my electronic gadgets, and I use space heaters in places to keep down the oil usage, but **it.  How can they justify what's happening?  Are we to blame Covid for this as well?  Hell No, I say!

The last reasonable power bill I had was about 125 dollars just before the holidays.  Then the hammer dropped.  So, what I'll do in the near future is pay my bill and search out a more reasonable company to do business with.  Somewhere deep in the recesses of my befuddled mind there is the sensation that someone, somewhere is profiting from, mine and other's like me lack of political clout, and that just pisses me off.

Peace and Balance,



  1. My new bill is $125. I think my solar is really paying off these days. I switched from propane to electric for some appliances and that raised my electric bill. However, the propane appliances were a lot more expensive and my supplier had just gone out of business.

  2. Wow, Still that's quite a difference from what you've paid in the past few years. However, probably the best choice considering the price of Natural Gas and the death of the supplier. Mine, I'm flabbergast.

    1. That's freaking insane. Are you running space heaters?

    2. Yes, that's the problem. You save one way and end up paying another. Still, I've been doing that for years and this is the craziest it's ever been.