Monday, January 30, 2023

All Funk'd Up.


I'm a bass player.  I've been beatin on the strings since I was a kid.  I like all sorts of music.  I've played everything from Classical to modern Fusion forms of Rock and Jazz.  I like music in general.  A couple of my favorite forms of music are Blues and Funk.  They both build off the standard 12 bars and go from there.  Blues is obviously, bluesy, and Funk is Funky.  Sometime they mix and you have some pretty cool sounding stuff.

There is a big movement where bands will take a standard Rock, Classical, or even a Country Western song and Funk it up.  They'll take the song and re-write the melodies with some new rhythm and Funky Bass lines recreating a whole new genre of Funk Rock, Jazz, and Country.  I like the stuff.  It makes you want to get up and move.  The heart palpitates just a bit and the feet start moving.  Funk music has the after effect of making the listener suddenly forget any pains and ails he/she may be suffering and the Happy takes over.  Good work ladies and gentlemen, your work is not going un-noticed or un-appreciated.  

I may even take up my Bass and start Funkin up some stuff my own self and create some new from the old.  I might even take some of the old Blues I used to play and sing and turn it into a perpetual Funkalishous movement of vibratory giggles the whole body will enjoy.  

Go to Youtube  and type in "Funk it up" and see what happens.  If you enjoy what your listening to leave a message let me know, if not, well...  

Peace and Balance,