Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Surviving the Return


So we've survived the return to school, and in retrospect survived the holiday break.  Not to many complaints from students about the nature of the Claus.  No one received a lump of coal even though they may have deserved one or more.  Lends me to believe the Claus is a softy and has a big heart.  The children were amused and happy, assuming that's their thing.  

Now we have a few weeks before a break at the end of February, then again in April.  Ya know, teaching is a good gig.  We deal with crazy kids, wigged out administration, and stressed peers for a few short weeks at a time and have breaks of comfort that lead into three months of summertime, yes indeed a good gig.  

However, many of us in this profession are looking to congress at this time wondering if they will get their heads out of a proverbial uncomfortable spot and let pass President Biden's education loan forgiveness bill.  In my situation it would completely clear up the rest of my student loans and let the funds that have been flowing in and out of my bank account continue to do so in the manner it is.  I can pay my bills without worrying to dang much and I like it that way.  

Problem is, the, "Haves" don't like the idea of giving to those that fit into the, "Have Not" crowd.  If the Have Nots suddenly had the ability to be somewhat independent of the Haves, then who would be in power?  That is a question the Moral Majority fears.  That represents freedom for the Have Nots from them, and who would mow their lawns?

I mow my own lawn, and I generally don't let a few power hungry folk lean on me to much.  I generally keep the ear buds in and listen to my classic rock as I mow, and ignore the Have's.  Yep, teaching is a good gig.  Thing is I haven't really been teaching long enough to have any kind of saved up retirement.  I started kinda late in the game and will have to rely on Social Security, and my past skills to maintain independence.   Also another good gig.  

Peace and Balance,



  1. Heaven forbid they do something to make the lives of the little people better.

    1. In the future are we going to be staring at the side of a big wall wondering what kind of freedoms are on the other side, possibly to find out they ate their young generations ago and all died power hungry and destitute?