Monday, January 2, 2023

Global Weatherizing.

 It's the second day in the year 2023, and all's well.  The temperature in Northern New Hampshire is in the 40's a very mild beginning of winter.  The unpredictability of the weather is getting stranger as time progresses leaving me to wonder how we can ignore the warming global temperatures.  As temps. raise the weather gets more and more volatile making storms bigger and bigger.  Is it to late to change, or is human existence on Momma Earth coming to an end?  

Global warming's scientific explanations have been scrutinized and argued for years.  Weather or not the reader believes in the causes or effects of global warming doesn't effect the facts that global temperatures are on the rise and the weather is Funky everywhere.

Green houses are nice to have when you're growing vegetables and other plants that don't like snow and ice.  In the winter we can create a nice cozy place for your flowers and other pretty goodies to flourish and mature.  They are pleasant places to visit and actually create a little tiny envelope of oxygen to enjoy and breath deep into starving lungs.  However, a global Greenhouse isn't necessarily the happy place you'd think it to be. 

Green House gases collect as temps rise letting sunshine in but not letting the heat escape. Over time that sends the temperature world wide up incrementally.  According to the Paris accords with acceptation of the United States, the major green house creating countries of the world have agreed to keep the rise in global temps. to less than 2 degrees Celsius, that's approximately 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The world has reached a 1 degree change already and is closing on 1.5 degrees and we are already beginning to see global adverse effects. A rise of over 2 degrees could be the point of no going back.  

 The thing about rising temperatures is that they don't rise all in one smooth pattern. There is a swing in temps and energies.  We'll have a warm year or two, then will have a cold year or two.  The temps. go up exponentially which causes an exponential drop that balances out the swing of energy.  So, we might have two or three years of real warm weather then two or three years of real cold weather.  Yuck.

The creation of an ice age is when the temp. in the summer stays below the freezing point for an extended period, and if the world experiences temps. that stay in that range for more than a couple years we're in the throws of an ice age.  So, we have an ice age, hopefully we all survive, probably not, but one can be hopeful. Then we have a few years of uncomfortably warm to hot weather as the energies swing back.  That can cause more mayhem than the previous.  Suddenly the planet is in a swing process that is uncontrollable and becomes unable to maintain life and everything dies.  Unless we've figured out how to leave and find another place to poison.  Doesn't sound real plausible does it?  

One of Elon Musk's secret plans for his space craft is just that, to escape.  Thing is, escaping before you've found a place to go might not be the best idea.  So Elon is actually a Super Villain in disguise?  Ya never know.  

I would rather just get on with it and save our own little piece of Heaven, clean her up, and learn to get along, but hey what do I know?  

Peace and Balance,