Friday, January 6, 2023

This is My Universe.

 I would like to discuss the power of creation. Human beings have been giving a sacred gift.  We are all born with the ability to manifest reality through the power of our minds.  The human condition is a three layered or triune experience that starts within the physical body, extends outwardly to the non-physical realms that we call spiritual, then opens up in our thinking mind, what we call our conscience.  Each one of these parts of our being are intermingled with each of the other parts of our being.  We are a Holistic being that has the power to re-create and re-do our own experience.   We are our own gods.

For the practitioners of the quasi Hawaiian teachings of Huna, the secret knowledge coined by Max Freedom Long, the living experience is in the states of the Subconscious, the low self housed in the physical body, the conscience or middle self, the thinking self that is connected from the mind to the body, and the Spiritual or High Self that is the outward expression of the self that contains everything else non-physical, also called the God Self.  If we practice a Holistic form of communication with our three selves we will be able to tap into the Akashic record.  The Akashic record is the spiritual recording of all events that have passed, will pass, and are possible within our perception of the universe.  This understanding changes constantly with our changing understanding of our own perceptions.  We grow from a universal understanding to a multi-universal understanding and back again as our experiences come and go.   Mathematically if we charted this progress it would resemble the breathing in and out of a great organism, a living universe.  Huna is the Hawaiian word for Secret.

During my personal practices with the Martial Arts, Taiji Quan, Reiki, Dowsing, Huna, and my Native American heritage, I have discovered that we all have the abilities to manifest or create our own experiences.  Each one of our experiences like a Ven diagram interconnects with every experience we come in contact with.  Interconnecting us with every person we come in contact is the root to the creation of the many universal experience we can call the Multiverse. Each individual is an Universe within themselves.   

Because we are the root of our own universe and have the inherited abilities to manifest our realities as we see fit, we are responsible for the disposition of each of our own experiences.  We are responsible for the way the universal energies translate into our realities.  That being said, the universe as we experience it is a very literal creature and takes everything you ask of it at face value, so be very, very careful what you ask for and how you manifest your experience, for what you receive may or may not be what you "Thought" you asked for.   That is the difference between an enlightened adult God verses an adolescent "Newbie" to the biz.  

Peace and Balance,