Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Sacred Cup

 We are creatures of habit.  We get used to certain behaviors and patterns that can be predictable in our everyday lives.  We use these patterns to guide us through our days as guide posts from one event to another, sort of like the little starred towns on a map leading down US Highway 2 across the northern reaches of our great country. 

As habitual creatures we also get comfortable with certain objects.  We sit in the same chair because it has that special butt shaped spot that has been formed from years of use.  We watch the same news channel and get out of sorts when there is a substitute news caster, and we tend to travel the same routes every morning to get to work.  This gives us an extra few minutes of nap time as the body is operating on automatic.  

Coffee is a sacred substance.  It is made from the holy bean and goes through a ritual that we also habitually do every morning, and often into the night.  With the holy bean we also tend to use the same receptacle, the same cup of comfort to hold our liquid delight.  One cup, one drink, yes there is balance in the world.

When a good coffee cup breaks, one that you've used for many years gaining comfort from, one that has formed a certain bond with your upper lip it's like loosing a good friend.  And the death of a good friend can be devastating.  Your sense of reality gets twisted, things feel off kilter until the norm returns again.  The process of breaking in another holder of the sacred juice.  

From Wakaliapi we create Pejuta Sapa, from the holy bean is created the black medicine, and not just any cup will do.  

So, the search begins.  

Peace and Balance,


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