Wednesday, January 4, 2023

They Call him Mr. Freeze

 Ice is wonderful thing.  We use it to cool our drinks, play our games on, and in the northern reaches of New Hampshire's hinter land, a source of testosterone filled chase the puck around the rink thing. Ice can be used to contract the the size of metal objects, or temper hot steel for fine tuning very sharp implements. Ice the other Fire.

Ice is good until is becomes bad.  Later this evening we are supposed to begin experiencing the effects of an evil form of ice, Freezing Rain. Freezing rain is the product of a real sadistic sky god who for all practical purposes has decided to pee partially frozen stuff all over the roads, wires, windshields, and sometimes freezing the car doors shut.  How do I know this being is sadistic?  I hear the laughter from the sky and screams of chaos from the ground.  That's proof enough.

As I said later this evening we are supposed to start experiencing the effects of freezing rain.  The kid next door will be skating down the streets just for giggles, and I'll be tippy toeing across my drive way to keep from landing on my ass.  I have high hopes that the forecast will change to snow.

AccuWeather and NOAH never agree on their forecasting.  One predicts doom and gloom while the other tends to be a little more positively reinforced.  AccuWeather is telling us that the pending ice storm is being upgraded to a couple inches of snow followed by a warming trend.  I like that forecast much better than NOAH's prediction of a coating of ice over everything making it impossible to drive, walk, or possibly get into the vehicle.  I'm not a fan of ice.  Where is the Heat Mizer when you need him?

So, at this point in time, I have my fingers crossed in hopes that things will change by the time the evening news comes on at ten.  After all we of the North Country are used to, "Wait a minute and things will change."

Peace and Balance,



  1. Looks like we might get lucky and it'll all be snow north of the mountains.

    1. I was watching the weather updates as I was writing. Crossed fingers, a little snow is good, a little ice is bad.