Friday, January 13, 2023

Correctness, Political or Not?


Political correctness is getting old.   The last posting is an example.  I was watching the "Adventures of Underdog" during my planning block at school.  The Science dept. shares an office so all sorts and manners of goings on are happening in the inner office from actual planning, to eating lunch.  While I was doing my not so planning time, Underdog was saving the day from the evil Over Cat.  Sort of a play on words there and I enjoy that sort of thing.  As episodes of Underdog go there are always in-between periods  of alternative programing  involved.   One of these moments was a funny if not to comfortable, Gopher Tribe cartoon that was not politically correct at all.  

Funny for one, may not be funny for another.  Some of the folks I work with are like myself and have a over proportion of Native American Blood flowing through their veins.   I was watching the Gophers do what Native Gophers do, a real funny as hell parody of Custer's demise, However the blatant incorrectness of the cartoon threw me back to my own childhood.

When I was a young Gopher we accepted things that would not fly today.  We accepted that White man was an ignorant creature and spoke with a forked tongue.  We accepted that his ignorance led to the creation of some pretty lame video both animated and non-animated.  We accepted that fine fact that the Pale Face sitting beside you in the theatre was rooting for the bad guy.  These things did not phase us in the least.  Why, because our culture is above such irrational states of mind that would lead to scalping the asshole for opening the ignorance hole.  We have evolved beyond that state of development, right?  

As my friend and colleague Ray pointed out them Gophers are pesky critters.  I cannot disagree, as both he and I each have a tribe of pesky Gophers of our very own.  

So, the next time I'm sitting in a theatre and one of them ignorant types opens that particular orifice, be afraid, be very afraid

Peace and Balance,


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