Monday, January 9, 2023

Illness or Not


There are few things more painful than watching a loved one suffer, and there is nothing more hopeless than an undiagnosed disease that the medical community has no way of dealing with. This has been my past three days. 

Witnessing things happening on a human level that defy understanding or science leaves little left for speculation.  The art of gathering information and intelligence is very much related to the scientific method.  The difference is in the experimentation and testing phase.  This stage is replaced with observation and supposition based on experience, training, and education.  The gatherer of the intelligence must use known examples of the information to make an intelligent guess, and weigh with past experience to come up with  rational decisions that lead to answers to said and unsaid questions.  The art of the spy. This to breaks down when the observations defy the understanding. 

There are many types of illness.  First is physical illness when the physical body and the self aren't communicating in balance and something goes awry in the body.  This could be anything that causes a physical injury, a little owie to a real big booboo.  Then there are diseases where something either bacterial or viral that change the operations of the physical being and interject itself into the body in one way or another.  This is when the body gets ill and tries fighting back.  Sometimes successfully, other times not and we either die or we survive. 

Second are non physical illnesses.  These include mental and emotional illnesses as well as psychic and non intelligible illness. This is when the unknown interjects it's sneaky attack upon  our realities and sensibilities. These illnesses would include attacks from nonphysical entities.  Examples of which might be your standard Vampire, and other psychic parasites that may wander into your space.  

There are many cures, reliefs, and methods to create balance back into the being of the patient. These potions and elixirs may include anything from an aspirin to an iron stake pounded into the Vampires heart grounding it forever into the act of creation and destruction permanently binding the Vampire to the void illuminating it from material existence.  A secret not normally taught about a Vampire is that it is a paranoid creature that fears it's own unknown demise.  It will read an implication as blatant as it can be and still be afraid.  Then be sent away fearing grounding at the end of iron. 

As illnesses go, there are few things that are as painful as witnessing the pain of a loved one.  Finding the cure can be as troublesome as killing a Vampire.

Peace and Balance,


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