Wednesday, July 12, 2023

The Great Thing.


Imagine if you will a super intelligence.  One that is so large that everything else revolves around it.  This intelligence, responsible for all things we know or can imagine, is not an entity, it is not a sentience, it is not an alien of higher intelligence than our own, or a group of such, it just is.  To give this intelligence an identity does it no justice. To call it God is to diminish it to our small understandings of godhood.  As soon as an identity is put on something that something is confined to the process of the identity.  This intelligence may or may not be aware of any other, nor would it likely care. 

Imagine if you will this intelligence breathing in and out the stuff of the void.  Each breath in and out causes great change to the inner and outer workings of the space occupied, or not by that intelligence.  How can we give such a thing the confine of space or time, how can we presume to understand?

Imagine such a thing, how can we?  All we can do rationally is imagine us as nothing but a cell or piece of a  cell occupying a non-understandable thing.  If that does any justice to the imagining.  This Great Thing would be of all things, and we would be insignificant.  

Peace and Balance,


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