Tuesday, July 11, 2023


 In the heart of Kunlun, in the mountains of Tibet, the Great Himalia hide Shangri-La who's streets are paved with gold and monks practice sacred dances upon every rising sun.  There is no war here, no fear, only peace.  However, in order to know peace there has to be a memory of chaos to give peace an understanding.

Traveling to Shangri-La may have it's hazards however.  Once we arrive are we going to be set free?  Interesting choice of words I know, but logic tells me that once we've found Nirvana there is no going back, and traveling to Shangri-La may be a self imposed prison. 

A close friend told me once that in matters of enlightenment when you open that door the door disappears and there is no going back.  Sort of like saying that once you learn something there is never unlearning it.  When you walk the streets of Shangri-La can you un-walk the streets?  How would you forget golden streets?

The heart of Kunlun, in the mountains of Tibet, the Himalia hide Shangri-La the mystical city of peace, wonder, and enlightenment.  Where Nirvana can be attained but never escaped and the monks become the keepers.  Is this where you want to be? 

I only partially stole this idea from, "Lost Horizon" by James Hilton.  Is it an experience or is it a myth?

Peace and Balance,


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