Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Lawn Tractors, Ground Water, and Forest Persons.

 I thought I'd do something novel and mow my lawn.  I took a walk around the yard and my plans for driving my little lawn buggy around the yard were dashed into smithereens.  The lower sections of my yard have taken the duck pond look of the neighbors yard, and the higher sections are so saturated with water that each step makes that special sandaled squishy sounds that resemble the squeaking of wet converse sneakers. 

I'm not a little fellow, so each step I took made an impression into my yard.  If I let the foot prints set for a bit I'm sure I can take pictures of them and convince some poor slob that I've got a Forest Person visiting in the night.  Which I do, but that's another story...

The ground in my neck of the woods is finely, Super Saturated.  There is no room any more for water to absorb and escape.  The only thing keeping us from having a severe flash flood here is the abundance of   ground cover and low lying vegetation.  We have enough of the little plants to hold back the saturated ground.  Without these plants we would have a severe mud flow problem.

Fortunately the water will flow down hill and travel it's merry way into the river.  A few more days of dry air, sunshine, and quasi temperatures will go a long way to alleviating my inability to mow my lawn.  Driving my little lawn tractor around the yard is actually one of my personal fun times.  I'm just a big kid, and what kid doesn't like a good tractor?  

Peace and Balance,


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