Wednesday, July 26, 2023

It's All Trek To Me Man...


It's no secret that I like Science Fiction and Fantasy.  I even spend the 5 bucks a month that it costs to watch Paramount +  Just so I could watch Star Trek and it's new versions, Picard, Strange New Worlds, and Star Trek: Discovery.  Everything is happy in the world.

The new series, Strange New Worlds, leads off with the original pilot show of Star Trek, The Cage, with Capt. Christopher Pike in the captains chair.  Strange New Worlds is the story of Capt. Pike and his exploits across the galaxy as the commander of the USS Enterprise, version numero Uno.  With a young Lt. Spock as his Science Officer, and of course his first officer, Number One, Una.  Which means one, kind of obvious isn't it.  This all from the mind of the past Great Gene Roddenberry, who's wife Majel Barrett stared as the original, Nurse Chapel who has a major role in the new series.  Different actress, same soul.  Chapel and Spock have a thing goin on.  

Along with the new series in the Star Trek universe there is also a new Animated series to follow up on the Star Trek animated cartoon from the seventies called simply the, Star Trek Animated Series.  The new animated Trek is called Star Trek Prodigy, and a comical addition called, Star Trek: Lower Decks, that is a very raw and irreverent look at the Star Trek universe from 200 years in the future.  It is funny. 

Today I watched the most recent episode of Strange New Worlds that actually started with the animated Lower Decks.  The cartoon characters got themselves into some mischief as usual and ended up teleporting themselves into the New Worlds reality.  The whole marriage between the animated characters switching from animation to real persons and back is funny.  Spock uncharacteristically forces a smile and even laughs on purpose.   The character from the animated series, the future, being a historian is confused by the unexpected Spock emotions.  Funny.  

So if your a member of Paramount + and are Star Trek fans, you must indulge in the new thing.  It's all Good...

Peace and Balance,


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