Friday, July 14, 2023

National French Fry Day


Today is National French Fry day.  However, there seems to be some disagreement on the origins of the French Fry.  It seems that in 1775 there is mention of Pomme de Frites or French Frites in a Parisian cook book.  I have my doubts.  Why would a French cook book call fries, French Fries?  Isn't logical. 

Pierre Lecluercq, a Belgian food historian makes a claim on French Fries from a 1795 cook book with a recipe for frites that are very French Fryish.  Of course the Belgian's claim all things French as their own. 

It is the Americans, however that step up to the plate and declare a day, Today, as National French Fry day.  From the look of most Americans these days, French Fried food seems to be a national preoccupation.  It's all Good.  Put it in a fryer, the better. Yum. 

So far, and I've been known to change my mind often, my favorite fry is the MacDonald's French Fry.  The secret has to do with the minimal amount of sugar melted into the oil, Oopps did I let a secret out there?  My second choice would have to be Burger King.  Burger King actually breads their potato strings with potato batter.  So you've got potato on potato double crisped and yes, just a tad sugar in the oil.  That mixture for both organizations insures the addiction all Americans seem to have with the potato string commonly referred to as the, "French Fry."   

So, I declare today as I stand on top of my big rock, that French Fries are an American creation and that we've perfected the formula as is apparent from the traffic pushing through the drive through's of fast food establishments all over our wonderous country.  Amen...  

Peace and Balance,


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