Tuesday, July 25, 2023

The Medicine Wheel


The sun rises early in the East.  Yellow and bright rising high.  Grandfather Yappa begins his walk toward the South in Search of his older Brother Okaga.  In the South high in the sky the sun Anpetu heats the desert Red and the lizards find shade. Okaga then walks his way West in search of his older Brother Io, who is unknown and holds all  the secrets of age.  Io wears a black cloak and always points to the West as he walks to the North in search of the Elder brother Wazi, he is called Waziyatta the sage of the North who stands barefoot in the snows of the North cloaked in a white buffalo blanket facing all before him.  Wazi walks again to the East to wake the youngest of the four Yappa.  And the cycle begins again.

In the Center is the unborn Spirit, Umi also called Yummini, the whirlwind.  Who spins and marvels at all his elder brother's accomplishments.  Umi the unborn spirit of man that lives in the rainbow Tipi looked over by the daughter of Skan skan, the great sky.  San Wi, Pte San Wi, the White Buffalo Calf Woman, who teaches us all we know about being human.  Who 27 generations ago came to Umi and taught man the 7 sacred rites, and gave Hollow Horn the first Chununpa, the sacred pipe. 

So I look into the Four faces and say: HO Wakan Tanka Tunkasila, HO Ina Mahka Kunsi ye, HO Topa Tate Tunkasila, Pte San We, Skan Skan, Inyan, Mia Umi Tani na Cisjila, Hear my Call...  Mitakuye Oyatsin Hetchetu yelo, HO...

Peace and Balance,


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