Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Merlin, Arthur, And The Tree.


Merlin stood silently, as still as a stone overlooking the ocean above the White Cliffs.  A young Arthur came up to him and began questioning him, "Master what  are you looking at?"  There was no answer.

"Master why so still?" Again nothing was said.

The boy began running in circles around and around Merlin, but Merlin did not move  

Finely after spending the day trying to illicit a reaction from his Master.  The young Arthur finely stopped and just stood and watched what Merin was watching and asked, "Master, what is it you are trying to do?"

Merlin, as the sun was setting in the sea, finely answered, "I'm practicing."  

"Practicing what sir?" Arthur asked in a quiet tone.

"Being a Tree of course." Was all Merlin replied.

Peace and Balance,


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