Friday, July 28, 2023

God, What's God?

 I occasionally have interesting discussions about  whether or not I believe in God, or a God.  It usually starts when I reach my threshold for dealing with ignorance and question back Christians that try telling me that anyone who does not believe in their definition of an all prevailing Deity and His Son are all damned to some imaginary Hell fire and eternal death.  I do not believe in Hell, nor do I believe that some self important human being has the ability to Damn me to anything.  As I have recently learned from a more learned individual than I, "I Am Not this Mind, I Am Not this Body."  

Let me use Buddhist teachings to explain a science behind the above statement.  Buddha is the Mind. (Fullness)  Dharma is the Breath that guides Buddha. (the Mind)  And Sungha is Body, the vessel that accepts guidance.  I Am, an island unto myself... Or, I AM...

To a Buddhist there is no religion, only I AM and the teachings to arrive there.  It's a science.  Similar for a Taoist, a Hindu, a Yogi, and even the advanced Taiji master.  All are a science to arrive at a destination free from the confines of another's trappings.  

So, the question, Do I believe in God?  Of Course I do.  However, possibly not your understanding of God.  I am a Pantheist.  I believe God is the collective of everything, and we, the ones that have the ability to think, theorize, rationalize, Imagine, and feel all the wonderful emotions of existence, are the heart and mind of God.   

If you want to Damn me for my beliefs, well that's ok.  I'll wait for you to mature...

Peace and Balance,


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