Thursday, July 20, 2023

Human Beings The Ultimate Consumer

 Human beings are the ultimate consumers.  We eat, burn up, mine, and destroy every natural resource we've ever had contact with.  Since the existence of the two legged Human being creature, it has used up everything it has come in contact with.  We walked into our mortality first by eating all we came in contact with, then we began burning it up.  First to keep ourselves warm, then to cook the other things we we're eating.  We discovered early that other animals taste better after being roasted over an open fire.  Then we discovered Salt.  And we began mining and consuming every bit of salt we could stuff into our bodies.  Roasted things taste better with salt.  

We were, and still are, eating just about everything we have ever come into contact with.  Just like a race of children, we pick a thing up and the first thing we do with it is to stick it in our mouths.  If it tastes good, and we survive, we'll salt it up and roast it over the fire pit, Ugh!..  That's cave man for, "yum."  

Along comes the industrial revolution and the stuff we don't eat we make into other things we'll use.  The bye product of this process floats into the atmosphere and we become addicted to the smog we breath.  We are so addicted to this smoggy stuff that we keep making things to send more of it into the atmosphere.  We have become a race of drug addicts expecting to breath in our, "Hit" in every breath.  

So we breath, and still kill, everything we come into contact with to either eat, or consume in another manner.  The other creatures on the planet have no defenses against us, because we are so intelligent and smarter than they are.  Heaven help us if the whales decide to fight back.  

Douglas Adams made a pretty dire prediction in his book, "Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy".  I'm wondering now when the "Vogon Destructor Fleet" decides we're in the middle of their galactic express way.  

Maybe we should smarten up and clean up our acts, because it's to late...

Peace and Balance,


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