Friday, July 21, 2023

Sacred Coffee, The Three, And A Perfect Night.


Again the Three met over a fire and sacred coffee.  Convincing the Wakaninyan, "Thunder Beings" to stop the rain and allow the Three to do sacred ceremony over a fire was an act of faith and hope on the part of the Three.  The Thunder Beings were extremely kind and generous with their blessings on the ceremony and the Three.

Birds came out and sang their approval for the storms stopping.  Ravens flew high playing on the currents of wind, and the clouds swirled in artistic patterns of blues and grays.  It was good.

When miracles aren't expected they appear in the smallest of details.  The sudden appearance of a lion cub can lead to secrets.  Spirit animals appear and disappear like that.  It is unusual to see someone else's spirit friends.  There was a reason which will be revealed at a latter date.  

The forest comes alive on Sacred Coffee day.  The forest sings, it's people commune, and the winds whisper into the ears of the initiated.  We are all one is the message.  Now go share the message of the One with the Many.  What is the message?  

Serve coffee black with a smattering of conversation.  Speak what's on your mind.  There is No Fear.  Have Faith.

Peace and Balance,


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