Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The Nostalgia Of My Brother In Law.

 My  brother in law visited today to bring my wife, his little sister, a Big Mac, Fries, and half a Diet Coke.  Of course I had to give him a hard time about half a drink.  He claimed that he didn't want to spill it in his Jeep, but his girlfriend gave me one of those looks that made my assumption that much funnier.  I simply suggested that the other half of the drink mystically disappeared on the way to the house.  Of course this was met with a chuckled denial, but we know...

My wife's brother is a couple years older than we are, he's 76 years old now and tells me he has been getting into watching old reruns on Roku.  We had a nostalgic conversation about the, "Ozzy and Harriet Show," "Leave it to Beaver," "Dennis the Menace," and some of the old Hanna Barberra Cartoons we all used to watch as kids. 

I said that he was reliving his childhood through modern technologies, and he agreed.  I find it fascinating that in our present entertainment world it is possible to search up many websites where we can enjoy the programming that we enjoyed in our youth.  I myself spend hours re-watching programs like, "Lost in Space," the original, "Star Trek," "Space 1999" one of my personal favorites, "Emergency," "Adam 12", and of course, "Dragnet."  "Just the facts mam, just the facts..."  

Since the weather has been hedgy this summer allot of time is being spent taking those nostalgic jaunts down memory lane.   My Brother in Law was quite right when he suggested that an occasional walk in our memory is a good way to ready ourselves for the future.  He's a wise man.  He's almost at the age of immortality.   He's 76 years old and still bench presses 275 pounds.  There's something to be said about being nostalgic...

Peace and Balance,


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