Monday, July 24, 2023

What's In A Hat?

 Picture the image of an old fashioned Wizard.  What do you see in the classical look of the Sorcerer?  Is there something that stands out and sets them apart from the rest of the People?  The people in question may be the Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Halflings or Hobbits, or the other minions in the realms of Middle Earth, or other places of our imaginations.  Now put your image in the now, in your reality, and tell me what do you see?  

The one thing that ties all of these magical beings together, that makes them stand out amongst the many, is the presence of a recognizable hat.  Some of these fellows wear pointy hats, tall with round brims.  Very similar to the classical look of their female counter parts the Witches, Sorceresses, Earth Mothers of old.  Some wear flattened out hats that look like Pizza Chef attire, other's wear square caps similar to that of a Rabbi.  Think of the Iman's head wear.  A perfectly round top with an appropriately decorated rimless band.  Imagine the crazy tall hat that the Catholic Bishops and the Pope wears.  All are examples of the famous Wizard hat.

On the plains of The United States the Medicine Keepers, the Chiefs, the Clan Leaders, Earth Mothers, Healers, and Council eventually earn the right to wear beautiful headdresses of quill bead work and intricately adorned Eagle feathers.   All examples of the Magic Users head attire.  

Look around at the people you see every day.  What do they have on there heads?  Are there different hats, giving different authority, being worn by real modern men of knowledge?  The answer is Yes.  Picture a Police Officer in full uniform.  He has on his head a trim rimed hat with a nice silver or gold badge in the center top.   When these folks appear in gatherings there is always an almost instant respect given for their authority.  It may not last, however it is there.  The magic of the hat.  Picture the backward helmet of the Firefighter, when they appear there is an instant giving way to their authority, a respect for their practice, again the magic of the hat.  

If you've ever had the pleasure of attending a "Real" Powwow, when the Eldest Elder appears in the sacred circle adorned in his/her regalia and headdress an instant reverence that is almost biblical comes over the crowd.  The drums begin and the song starts, the presence of Big Medicine is amongst the people and it can be felt.  

The traditional hats of the Wizards, the Medicine Keepers of each culture, modern or ancient are out and among us in every direction.  Look at the people around you, what do you see?  The modern vision of the Wizards Hat may be as simple as the Baseball cap worn to a simple ceremony or game...

Peace and Balance,



  1. Today's wizards are just as likely to wear a ball cap as anything else.

    Some days I wear a tri-corner pirate hat. What does that say about me?

  2. The ball cap makes it easy to hide in plain sight. The pirate hat, well that's just a loose personality trait, it's good to let that out every now and again. Ships ahoy and all that. Aargg...