Saturday, July 22, 2023

A Celestial Change A Comin.


The birds are flying high over the yard.  Floating on the uplift coming from the center.  Song birds swooping at the heights of Ravens and Vultures singing their songs down on the world below.  

Occasionally flying down to feed on raspberry seeds, and suck the nectar out of flowers that are abundant in the yard.  We have a plethora of birds that make the yard their home.  Sitting and watching the antics is similar to watching an old fashioned soap opera on television. 

I spied a squirrel crawl up on top of a rock in the neighbors yard, yawn a big yawn, stretch out the full length of his furry little body and plop belly flat on the rock putting his head in between his little forearms.  He remained motionless for about 5 minutes, a long time for a squirrel, then popped straight up landing on all fours and scampered up a nearby tree.  Naps in short spurts, the life of the Tree Rat.  

The back of the yard is still wet enough that mowing that part of the lawn isn't happening until the water dries up.  I must do that soon, I feel the threat of cockatoos and monkeys sitting on the horizon.  This has been the wettest and universally the most miserable summer in the past 20 years world wide.  If it's not an over abundance of rain and flooding, the temperatures are quickly soaring to heights where humans can't survive.  So our choices are drowning, or roasting.  I'm expecting to see a giant chef in the clouds soon.  Gordon Ramsey is a celestial spy, I just know it. 

Today, however has started out very nice.  Birds are happy, bugs are happy, fellows with larger than average feet are happy, and the energies are rising high over head.  There is a change on the horizon...

Peace and Balance,


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