Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Warrior Code

War is not for the warrior. The warrior, the man of knowledge, celebrates life not death. Chivalry is an act of gentalmanship, the act of forgiveness, the acts of politeness, a knight laying down a favorite coat for a maiden to cross a muddy walk, opening the door for you wife, and giving the time of day to your children.

Budo, the Samurai code, is Japans form of Chivalry. A Samurai does not revel in death, although he may be a master of it. A Samurai walks in bliss taking in all the aspects of life he catches in his eyes, and smell all the flavors that penetrate his being. A Samurai lives fully his life, and does not fear his own death because he has lived his life.

A man of knowledge takes in all that he can possibly take in at each moment. He listens and speaks with purpose, although he might sound aloof he is conscious of all he says and does. If he makes a mistake he isn’t afraid to apologize, he speaks his mind freely. A man of knowledge is a Samurai, a Knight, a Warrior. He is a man.

Following a personal Warriors Code is taking a vow to the largest deity you’ll ever encounter, yourself. Weather or not you keep your code from moment to moment is a practice of sincerity and discipline. Not kicking your self for slipping is a self-act of kindness. A kind disciplined man is a Warrior; he is a Man of Knowledge.

Peace and Balance,

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