Thursday, March 18, 2010

Terror In the Night

There are good dreams, there are bad dreams, there are those dreams that make you smile in your sleep, and there are those dreams that make you weep.

Traumatic events can cause a whole different kind of dream. These are the kinds of events that a person might not remember consciously, but sneak up on you when you’re sleeping by invading your subconscious thoughts. These memories hide deep in the psyche and surface late at night worse than any bed bugs could bite. We call these dreams of malevolent nature, Night Terrors.

I am a sufferer of night terrors. They don’t come every night, no not at all, they wait for you to get comfortable in your sleep patterns and generally thinking things are all fine, then they decide out of some twisted sense of fate to jump into your dream and eat your soul away.

My past trauma is a colorful mess and frankly there is some of it I would rather forget, but the night terror grips me. My heart begins to beat faster, my breathing quickens, and often I start screaming in my sleep. This is when Romona, in her soothing voice, rubs my back and quietly talks me out of sleep. I wake frightened, sweaty, and dry mouthed wondering what the hell has just happened and where am I.

Meditation helps, talking to Romona helps, feeling rested helps; I am making progress though, they don’t come as often and the demons aren’t as scary as they once where, but the night they come no more will be a night to celebrate and say good riddance to the Night Terror.

Peace and Balance,

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