Monday, March 15, 2010

Hard Times

Hard times are related to the perception of the experience. Emotions can cause a laps in thought and make it very hard to concentrate, this can be considered hard times. Money not withstanding may be considered the root of hard times. The death of a loved one is hard times. Hard times are perceived at different points in ones life.

If we speak of hard times often the ones we speak to consider us complaining. So, we complain on deaf ears and still we have hard times. Go to a priest and speak of hard times, you’ll walk away feeling better, hard times still there, but still; It must be his vocation.

Hard times, I don’t mind much as long as they fad away into history. I look into her eyes, we have the same hard times, I see the tears, I feel the heart beat, and I try to hug the hard times away into history. She and I are the same, we don’t mind much, but we fight back non-the less.

Peace and Balance,

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