Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Faking it is sometimes your best bet. Picture this; you’re sitting in on another professor’s class. A guy that you find extremely boring, who has the personality of Howard Cosell that is giving a lecture on the mating habits of the earthworms. You might not have slept quite enough the night before, you might have not had your quota of coffee in the morning, and you might hear nothing but a drone sound for his voice, but you have to sit there and look interested. Here’s a tool that might help if you’re ever confronted with a similar situation, and I swear this is a fabricated story, really.

This is a meditation technique that works well for the athletes in us all as well. Being a martial artist sort of guy I would sit and visualize myself performing certain maneuvers and kata perfectly. I would go over these moves one step at a time in my mind and go back over the parts that I needed extra work on. I did this and still do this on a daily basis as a personal mind dump sort of meditation.

I have used this technique when prolonged spans of time would cause certain amounts of possible boredom. This technique works real well, and does improve your physical performance. It is a form of positive visualization.

Peace and Balance,


  1. I learned to sleep in class with my eyes open. Unfortunately, I still snored.