Sunday, March 21, 2010

Memories of Children

The memories of a child are passed along to the adult. Later in the history of a person he/she catches up with a certain memory and either smiles at the event or grimaces. Memories are often housed within the muscle mass of the physical body. Years will pass by and the body reacts to a stimulus sending either pain or euphoria to the mind of the one remembering.

Addictive substances often have the same effect on the physical body. One’s past abuse stored in the fatty tissues of the body will come to the surface after the body melts those tissues away releasing the substance stored. And, the experience will give euphoria or pain depending upon the trip. Memories are much like the addictions of the past, they surface without provocation and wallah, there we are all over again. They are our natural opiate.

The memories of a child are littered with Barbie dolls, puppy dog tails, and adventures of realms long forgotten. Of mystical wizards and giants, trolls, and fast aircraft all the goods and the bads are there for all of us to remember and enjoy. Become a child and chase away your demons.

Peace and Balance,

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