Sunday, March 28, 2010

Breaking Bread

Romona and I recently had the opportunity to have dinner on the purse strings of the Vatican. We were taken out by the priest who is preparing us for our nuptials, he’s a young man with allot of enthusiasm for his profession. I like his manner and spunk.

Romona is a very strongly spiritual person and holds true to her Catholic faith. She has introduced me to some fine people and interesting conversation from areas that I hadn’t had conversations before. The young priest we had dinner with broke bread with a bottle of Sam Adams Summer Ale. This was an interesting way to start a conversation and I found it liberating that a priest would drink a beer with a heretic like myself. He reminded me of Friar Tuck, Robin Hood’s beer drinking companion.

I truly enjoyed our afternoon with the young Father of the faith. We helped prepare his small 110-year-old church for Palm Sunday by spreading palms around in large vases. His church is an interesting building and I took the opportunity of doing some clandestine dowsing while I was there. The building sits on a large granite and limestone deposit that is used in the lower basement walls. It has allot of vibratory energy with the main entrance and light collector facing the south. The benches are the original wooden design with wall of white plaster, and in one corner of the alcove there is a face appearing through the old white wash paint. The face is coincidently reminiscent of a bearded man. You can form your own judgments, but it is the congregation that is keeping him from painting over it.

Romona and I had a fine afternoon with this young man. Now I start on the path of redemption and preparation to marry the love of my life, the woman who I’m finding out is much more than just a lovely face, but a high spirit of the Creator, Romona…

Peace and Balance,

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