Friday, March 26, 2010


A couple days ago Romona and I stopped at an Applebee’s restaurant for a lunch that turned into dinner. We were particularly hungry and the menu looked rather tasty. Hunger can make a person indecisive and we each had a hard time deciding what to order.

After awhile I ordered a beer, a Sam Adams Pil, it was rather tasty, Mona ordered the same and we stared some more at the menu. The funny thing about a beer is that it can help chase away the indecision and we ordered dinner.

She had a chef’s salad with a couple of steak type sandwiches with some ajous sauce; I had a plate of beef fajitas. We had some potato skin thingys for an appetizer and sat to drinking our beers waiting for the food. We waited quite awhile. I remember saying to Romona, “I wonder what Gordon Ramsey would say?” The food suddenly appeared at our table with apologies from the waitress and extra chips to dip.

Her plate was elegantly organized and smelled real good. Mine was steaming hot. The plate looked almost afire, and the steak smelled warm and happy. We drank more beer and dug into the food. I found rolled up tortillas in a foil and began filling them up with the fixins, yum.

The first bite I took was very tasty, very tasty indeed. It was spicy, but not so spicy as to burn your tongue, it was a perfect amount of spice. There was some tomato and lettuce mixed into a salsa of sorts with some sour crème for a chaser. I took another drink and remember saying, “Oh, I think I’m getting tipsy.” Romona laughed at me.

We ate and talked and ate some more. When the waitress re-appeared and asked if we wanted desert our answers were both, “arrgg.” She brought the check.

So, this blog is a review of Applebee’s restaurant in Littleton NH. The food is good, the portions are big for the money, which is in the medium range, and the beer is tasty. A couple of the big drafts will remind you who you are. It was a good meal.

Peace and Balance,

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