Wednesday, February 23, 2011


The world revolves around a black sticky mass of goo, the blood of the planet. Human kind has been draining this blood steadily for hundreds of years. Not for thousands of years, or millions of years, but a short few hundred years. It hasn’t been that long since we started relying on oil to support the global economy. When did this happen?

I’m going to blame the creating of the automobile. The car in it’s many makes and models is the sole reason we are all about to either have to walk everywhere we go, or freeze to death because we’ve forgotten how to survive. Oil, the madness of modern man.

There are many ways for we small humans to go from place to place without the use of oil products. Most of them are much healthier than we currently use. There is technology available to us already that isn’t being used because those in power want to stay in power. The rest of us as far as they’re concerned might as well die. We are non people, we are nada.

It might be to late, the powers that be might or might not care. Reading between the lines and listening to what they say will give you that answer. I don’t trust them.

So as the rest of us digress into the stone age and those that have go to their golden towers, I’m hoping someone returns very soon.
Peace and Balance,

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