Thursday, February 17, 2011

Come On Spring, I Dare You.

There comes the time when all good warriors go to the mountain tops and cry out to the heavens. They cry for attention from the gods when feelings of inadequacy and child like behavior pushes forth from their intestinal fortitude.

I remember listening to stories told of Thor, the Thunder God, who would climb the steps to the top of Valhalla to raise his mighty hammer bringing down lightning thunder on the humans below. Bellowing out his screams man would run and hide for fear of angering this God of Thunder. Or, when the time of Loki the wolf, is upon us and the land is nothing but frozen and cold, man again hides in fear. Not I.

There comes a time when a warrior climbs to the top of the mountain and screams back at the heavens, “Let My People Go!” It’s time for spring to be sprung, the warmth of the day to return, the growth of new things.

Come on Spring be not a coward and push Loki off the mountain, let Thor reign again, let there be light, let there be warmth. The people of the Earth Mother have had enough winter for this year, it is time.

So, from all warriors atop mountains, Come on Spring, I Dare You.

Peace and Balance,

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