Monday, February 7, 2011

Into Love

According to ancient mystics, some of the prophets, and ascended masters, there are only two true emotions, Love and Fear. Fear is the emotion that guides all negative things in our lives. Fear creates hate, war, and the many atrocities that man has done because he can’t handle fear. Love is the emotion that creates, truly creates all positive things in our lives. The things that lead us to greatness and bind us to the universe.

When a man and a woman come together in true oneness they are communing in the principles of love. The nature of that love is the force that has created all other things, God. Fear is nothing and stands alone.

I am very fortunate in this life, I have found my one true love. She and I share a soul, we share belief, and we share our faith. We are one being in two bodies. I am very fortunate in this life. What I’m experiencing with Romona only happens once in a hundred years or so, she is my other self, she is my muse, my heart, my life, she is my wife.

Romona thank you for being here with me in this life, you have made me whole and I love you.

Peace and Balance,

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