Tuesday, February 22, 2011


If you’ve ever had the feeling that you were being watched maybe you have been. Have you ever made a mental call for help? Or, have you ever felt real guilty about something you’ve done? Could be your being talked to by an angel.

Angels are forces of nature. I’m taking a slightly Gnostic bend here, but every natural force has an intelligence that guides it. This is the angel of that element. The Celts would call these intelligences Fairies, the Kahuna call them Loa, and the Europeans, Angels. All forces of nature, the elements that make up our environment and keep us alive and well.

These forces of nature are Super Intelligent and get their instruction directly from the Creator themselves, God. We all have different names for these creatures, but they are all basically similar to our experiences.

For our understanding there are three basic realms, the lower realms where the denser creatures live, the middle realms where man lives, and the higher realms where the angels live. Sort of a breakdown in our psyche, the physical, the mental, and the spiritual.

I’m going to give you your first lesson in speaking to angels, listen. That’s it. Now you ask what to listen to? Everything, but really pay attention.

Peace and Balance,

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