Saturday, February 26, 2011

Being Serious

I admit that I have been irreverent in the past. I have spoken my opinions about various organizations and affiliates. I have written in jest about religion and it’s leaders. I have poked fun at everybody from the Catholics through the Buddhists‘, to the Jews. I’ve even poked fun at my own Native American brothers and sisters, usually ending at my own adopted philosophies of Taoist Zen and Reiki, I’ll make fun of anyone.

That aside I’m going to take a moment to express my pure and unwavering reverence for anyone who dawns the cloth and preaches his/her beliefs to the masses. Anyone that has the convictions to express themselves in hopes of teaching and preaching to others a certain point of view and perspective, should be respected and honored.

I follow many masters. I believe that every culture and every teaching philosophically and spiritually has a spark of the ultimate truth. We are all walking the same path, the manner in which we walk that path is purely a choice of personal preference and how we are going to except and understand that truth; how we follow our convictions. We accept things in ways that we are capable of understanding them.

If I’ve ever offended or seemed to speak cruelly of any other’s beliefs or organizations, I truly remain apologetic. To the many Ministers, Reverends, Priests, Brothers, Sisters, Monks, Iman, Shaman, Holy Folk, and Speakers of Truth, I bow a deep and respectful bow and send the blessings of the universe upon you.

Peace and Balance,

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