Friday, February 17, 2023

Global Warming?


This morning while at school, in the middle of February of all things, there was a tremendous couple of lightening strikes followed by a couple spectacular thunder claps.  The whole building shook.  At first we all speculated that the heating system in the building had just went Boom.  That wasn't it.  We felt the first boom, and I saw the second lightening strike out the window followed by a bigger Boom.  That sort of thing intrigues me.  The science guy in me wakes up and starts thinking.  You can tell because of the smoke that shortly billows out of my ears. 

The loudness of the thunder prompted me to call home and check on my Mona.  She isn't thrilled about flashing lightening strikes and huge rocking noise from the sky in mid February.  Usually when there are booms of that size I beginning thinking of large ooops' and explosions occurring in the upper atmosphere.  Ya know that occasional ariel accident.  That was not the case, just thunder.  

Thunder and lightening in the middle of February is extremely rare.  Usually the atmospheric conditions don't contribute to weather anomalies that should and do appear during the summer.  This winter however things have been abnormally warm and the conditions are changing.  We had close to 60 degrees in the North Country a day ago and it was 48 degrees when I crawled out of bed at 3:30 this morning.  And they say that global warming isn't really happening.  I would love to see the looks on the faces on a couple of the Powers that Be trying to explain the weather.  

There is scientific evidence that supports both theories, that global warming is a natural cycle of the planet, and that global warming is the product of man's negative impact on his environment.  Regardless if it's natural or a mistake or not, global warming is a thing that should be contended with, not ignored.  If we continue to ignore the ramifications of global warming some pretty darn bad things may happen.  Rising of the oceans drowning the coastal cities, the point at which a temperature inversion so catastrophic occurs that life won't be able to maintain a natural body temp. and die, and of course the far out possibility that the atmosphere of the planet becomes toxic to all life.  All possible extremely negative outcomes of the long term effects of global warming.  Isn't that wonderful?

So, this morning while enjoying a moment at school of nothingness, a couple of large boomy noises woke the students from their glum slumbers into an almost alert status.  A very bright white flash followed by another Boom rattled their teeth.  February has been disturbed by the happenings of July or August.  I'm telling you, Global Warming is a Thing man!

Peace and Balance,


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