Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Folly of the Automotive Battery.


Let's talk about car batteries.  Yesterday when the evil blusteriness decided to attack the North Country I decided to go out to my CRV pony at lunch time to start it up and warm the beastie as to not have a worry at the end of the day.  Thing is the wind had been blowing pretty darn good and the temp traveled from cold, to extremely cold as the day progressed.  By the time I had decided to start her up, I got a complaint, the dash began that ticking death throw thing, and I swear the battery kicked up it's little legs and died.  

I tracked down the Automotive Guru from school in the CTE office talking with his boss and begged for a jump.  After a short quip we jaunted down to the garage and investigated his ample supply of starter boxes.  After attaching the cables to the correct poles, and my breaking off one of the post covers, the rig fired right up.  I let it run for a goodly amount of time to warm the inerts of the buggy enough to insure that it would continue to start when the day was over.  By the time we left school for the day it was well below the zero thing, but it started OK, and off we went, Home.  

I parked it last night and haven't looked twice.  The air temp. was 20 below dead last night and so far today, as of 2:41 the temp. as gone up all the way to minus 2 degrees.  A veritable heat wave.  The little voice in the back of my head it telling me that it might be a good idea to attach a battery charger and let it sit for a bit.  That little voice is the sound of experience, this has happened before.  Maybe not quite as chilly, but hey what can I say.   I shall follow the advise, later.  

Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to crawl all the way up to the mid 30's, possibly even 40 degrees and soon enough we shall forget the failures of the cold.  I will be purchasing my very own battery start it up pack at Wal Mart when I attend work.  After all this chilly spell has made a good excuse to stay in bed today.  

Peace and Balance,



  1. I love those starter packs. I also keep one in the scooter as my PCX doesn't have a kick starter. You can't start a scooter on compression.