Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Declassifying The TR3B

Steven Spielberg made a movie that opened in 1982 called, ET, about a lovable little lost alien child that made friends with some children in a Southern California town waiting for his parents to come and take him home, "ET phone home."

Regardless of what you call them, UFO, UAP, flying saucer, other worldly space ship, whatever, the fact is that we see things flying above our heads that we can not explain or identify is not mistakable.  It is happening.  How we identify these things is what's changing.  

The closer we get to admitting fully that there are beings visiting our planet from some other place, betters our understanding of what we are seeing flying in the skies, under the waters, hidden in remote caves, and traveling from north to south faster than the blink of an eye.  The closer we are to the Alien Presence here on the Earth. 

At this time our government is slowly, painstakingly going through the process of declassifying the TR3B, (Tactical Recognizance Triangle shaped, what the B stands for I don't know...) Space Ship that the United States and it's alias have had in it's arsenal for generations.   The ramifications are unknown, serve it to say we are about to reach the levels of Buck Rogers and the Star Command.  

On June 24th 1947 amateur aviator  Kenneth Arnold spotted 9 unusually shaped objects flying near Mt. Rainer in Washington state.  He claimed the objects flited from side to side and flipped in unison like the tail of a Chinese Kite.  He estimated they were traveling at about 1700 MPH, faster than any known aircraft at that time.  Then almost an exact month after there was the crash of 3 separate craft in fields outside of Roswell New Mexico.  These incidents have since been boiled down into one incident and one craft that has made it into popular UFO culture.  

Shortly after a government funded project looking into the existence of UFO's was opened called, "Project Sign" looking for signs of extraterrestrial existence. This was the first of three project the US. government funded, followed by Blue Book, and finally, The Condon Report.  Then, supposedly, the search for ET went cold.  

Then at the turn of our current century a resurgence in public interest in the UFO phenomena was reignited with the disclosure that US military pilots have been having encounters with unidentified flying things while flying sorties.   With our current ability to record and photograph objects undefinably clear, it is hard to cover up the existence of objects that we have no idea of where they came from.    We are now faced with the questions, "If they aren't ours, who's are they?"  or, "They are ours, why are our governments keeping the truth from us?"  Both questions are ominous. 

As Bob Rich of the National Astronomical and Space Administration, (NASA) recently told a congressional committee overseeing our space interests, "We Now Have the Ability to take ET Home."  

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