Thursday, February 16, 2023

The Problem With Plastic.

 Our modern world spends allot of time speculating what would happen when the garbage on our planet gets to the point where we no longer have any space to place it.  Just how high would the piles go?  Would there be enough time for the natural processes of nature to reclaim the organic matter, and if so what happens to all that plastic? 

Today if you google plastic islands, you're going to find a bunch of information about huge islands of floating plastic in our oceans.  It seems that in the very center vortex of each of the Earth's oceans is a gigantic plastic island made up of bottles, syringes, plates, basket balls, and yes Nike sneakers.  It seems we as a species aren't very appt at collecting and reclaiming our plastic materials.  We make so much of this stuff that we can't possibly recycle it all so it ends up eventually floating out at sea. 

What's going to happen in the future, are we going to have entire continents made up of collective plastics?  Is there going to be a race of super intelligent cockroaches occupying these continents that will form raiding parties on the organic world seeking out organic garbage for their sustenance?   Is it possible? One may never know.  

In the future are the governments of the world going to be forced to negotiate with these intelligent bugs in order to keep feeding them our refuse with the possible threat that they may become hunters of living things?  Terrifying thought.  However, that might be a solution to our garbage problem.  If we had a race of super intelligent cockroaches to rely on for the disposal of our garbage we wouldn't have such a problem, only the collection and distribution of all that plastic. 

Here's a scenario for you.  We have a period of tangible contact with these critters and come up with the solution on how to deal with and dispose of all that plastic.  Then what happens, are the super intelligent cockroaches going to feel threatened and wage war on us because we are removing their plastic homelands?  There is no winning scenario for this problem.  We are screwed.  

As far as I can tell the only tangible solution is to deal with the plastic problem right now before all this business with the bugs gets us into trouble.  If we can get our collective heads out of or orifices long enough to create a solution to the plastic problem maybe we can sway any negative contact with any race of super intelligent cockroaches.  After all, we only really need a real big shoe, right?

Peace and Balance,


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