Monday, January 1, 2024


 It's a New Year and I woke this morning expecting to see Buck Rogers flying around.  After all it's 2024 and I'll  bet most of us didn't expect the Scifi to catch up with us.  I often wonder what ever happened to our flying cars?  They made promises and programmed us early with the Jetsons and Star Trek.  I want my flying car.  Wouldn't that be a gas.  what do they issue in lue of speeding tickets?  Air speed tickets.  And what happens when you buzz the tower.  A little Maverick in me want's to play.  Flying cars sound like a fun idea.    Well Everyone Happy New Year and enjoy your sci fi dreams.  The'll catch yo with us.  ABuzz Light year would say, "To infinity and beyond.  Happy New Year,

Peace and Balance,


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