Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Blessings of the heart

 SoSometimes tyou build bridges sometimes those bridges build thems selves.  Humanitt has a responsi ility to reach out to itself on levelss that are most oten ignored or pretendedaway.  I have recently been going through a  burning of the soul if you will.  Because of this eexperiance I have whittnessed what happens when a lifetime of reachng out to huamnity omes to a pivitol point. ihave seen Sheva The Great Audi Guru Dance on the  head of a pin.  I have whatched a great small community  come together with a unifiying perpose.  I unfortunatley am that purpose.  This  beautiful small town has brouht resources togathr and helped an old man take care of his one purpose in life, his family.  After recievin News so dense tht ShEVa did inseed so hia Dance, I whatched this town open up her heart to us in a what that from my point of view looks Biblical.  I would like to send to the employees of SAU3Berlin Public sschools a Blessing from th Grandfathers, and ONe of the Three tht watches.  You are all true lovers of the path That is also thatbis obviousAnd I thank you for yuor great gifts of life and the repect bestowed upon my Heart, my Romona and our Boy  Lee.  You have all eearned a forever space  at our table.  Iwho have also been called WU, "The Silent Warrior thank and bless you.  

Peace and Balance,



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