Sunday, January 21, 2024

TrueTrue Family

 The vthroughalue of Family is unmeasurable.   I have  been going  through a burning of the spirit.  Because of my recent diagnosis of Brain cancer I can feel stronger the forces of mt family surrounding meq and guiding me to higher purposes.  My Beautiful wife Romona and I share a gem in our Son Lee who helped me finely get this blog  back and functional.  Lee is and has been an angel for me these past few datys.   I dote on him because I am so proud of who he has made himself to be.  He is no longer a chid but, a true man of hte north.  We will walk the Red road together and I will induct him into the "Family guisness, so to speak, he to will be Shaman.  a Medicine carrier as his mother is.  I am so proud of who he is.     FAmily is the pivitol point of any tribal society.  The out pouring to us fromour community and extrended family is miraculous and gives me the face of Jesus in my minds eye to call friend and family.  For my wife, and our Son Lee who has become my hero.  The love I hold for these two beautiful people is unmtched.   

To our community I thank you eternaly.  

MOna my bride and Lee our son, let's walk the Red Road Together.  

Peace and Balance,

John   Grandmaster, "School of the Silent Warrior.  


  1. Hey John! Welcome back. I know it's a struggle when the fingers don't want to cooperate but I'm glad to see you plugging away at it. Be well my friend.