Tuesday, January 2, 2024

classical cinema

Mona and I enjoy old or rather classical movies.  for instance as I write this blogRoslynn Russel is in the background as Auntie Mame an eccentric woman of means in the fifties or sixties that suddenly has a nephew thrust her way to raise and nurture.  Mame is the type of girl thata usualy people would think twice about before putting th4ir pre adolecent boy in her circle, but she manages just fine and raises the child into an educated worldly young man who has more than his youghful knowlege of dance hall and showgirls.  I'm thinking that many of us gentalmen would have benifited from an Auntie Mame.  TCM Turner Classic movies is one of our favorite stations  Through TCM we get to experiance a certain nostalgia and memory that the old films give us.  I admit I am getting an education in classic film one that many would envy.  TCM is a wonderful place to learn the beauty of old cinema.  

Peace and Balance,

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